On 26 May, 150 chapters from 16 countries join forces to embark on a fantastic adventure. In no fewer than 150 stages, they will collectively ride a relay.

The Great Relay ‘21 consists of 150 legs where one H.O.G. chapter passes on the baton, in this case a brand new H-D Pan America, to the next H.O.G. chapter.

The relay starts in London and each successive H.O.G. chapter will ride the Pan America through Luxembourg, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Wales, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland & Ireland.

The complete relay will take more than 3 months, starting on the 26 May. A total of 20,000 adventurous kilometres will be travelled with the bike, the ultimate test for this brand new multi-tool on wheels.

Each stage is an open ride-out, and everyone can join. Starting point is always the local H-D dealer. The local H.O.G. chapter sets out a great route that ends at the next H-D dealer. 

Whoever you are, and whatever you ride, you are very welcome to join these open ride-outs.


The route runs 20,000 km from the heart of London, through the Ardennes hills to the North Cape in Norway and takes you through the most beautiful places in Europe. On the way we cross hills and valleys, we see mountain lakes and glaciers, we follow rugged fjord coasts and we pass the Arctic Circle. We ride through extensive national parks, and picturesque fishing villages and along roads with snowy mountain ranges and unspoiled nature. Once on the North Cape we will hopefully be rewarded with a phenomenal view of the famous Northern Lights.

But this adventure doesn’t end there. After the North Cape we head south again, to where Santa Claus lives, and then cross into Finland for a beautiful extra loop through this amazing country. Check out the entire route and all participating H.O.G. chapters and H-D dealers here.

Welcome at the H-D dealer

Each ride-out starts at one Harley-Davidson dealer and ends at the next. Each chapter will be warmly welcomed by the chapter that belongs to the next dealer – sometimes with a snack and a drink, and sometimes with a complete BBQ or a party. Of course you will find the latest apparel and riding gear, the most creative customisation experts and the complete 2021 motorcycle line-up at these Authorized H-D dealers.

Download the route

The entire route of The Great Relay can be found on the My Drive application of our partner TOMTOM. On the website you will find the route of each stage as a GPX file, which you can download for free. On the platform you will find photos, highlights of the route, petrol stations and much more. You can also upload your photos of the most beautiful places along the way.

Ride with us

Whoever you are and whatever you ride, you are more than welcome to join us on this epic adventure. One stage, several stages or the entire route, anything goes! This way you not only get the chance to experience the all-new Harley-Davidson® Pan America™ for yourself, you can also do your bit by raising as much money as possible for our partner Two Wheels For Life.


Please note: dates and route may change due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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